Chen Shuobao, Deputy Director of Beijing Fangshan District SASAC, Investigates in Pengfei



 On September 10, Chen Shuobao, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Fangshan District, Beijing, and his entourage came to Pengfei's methanol co-production LNG production base to exchange and investigate typical experiences and practices in the process of enterprise transformation and development. Accompanied by the heads of relevant functional departments in Xiaoyi City, Guo Fengguang, deputy general manager and general manager of production of the group company, and Zhang Aimin, deputy director of methanol plant production, explained.

In the central control room of Pengfei Methanol Plant, Chen Shuobao and his entourage learned about the scale and current situation of Pengfei's closed and full-cycle coal chemical industry chain, as well as Pengfei's strategic plan for building a clean energy supply system and a modern industrial system in an all-round way.

Zhang Aimin emphatically introduced Pengfei's clean energy intensive processing industrial chain from the initial coal mining to the conversion of coke oven gas to methanol, LNG and other clean energy intensive processing industries, especially the Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax project and super suspension bed hydrogenation project under construction, making full use of the waste, waste oil and waste residue from Pengfei's upstream production plant to convert them into clean oil, lubricating oil and other energy products with the world's leading conversion process and various patented technologies purchased with huge investment, has opened up the coking industry coke oven gas deep processing precedent.

Chen Shuobao had an in-depth discussion and understanding of the Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax project, the process route, product use and market prospect of the super suspension bed project and Zhang Aimin, expressed his appreciation for Pengfei's courage to break the tradition and take the lead in industrial innovation, and highly affirmed Pengfei's various practical measures to be the vanguard of Shanxi's energy revolution.

Chen Shuobao said that technological innovation has always been the internal driving force for subverting the industry and changing the future. Pengfei has invested a lot in this area and has a significant lead. Many successful experiences are worth learning from Fangshan SASAC, which provides new perspectives and ideas for promoting the development of state-owned enterprises to a new level. It is hoped that in the future, we can continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Xiaoyi Municipal Government and enterprises, and jointly promote the rapid development of the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.