Chairman Talks with Former Czech Prime Minister Necas Shanxi's "the belt and road initiative" Tour to Europe



Over the past few days, Chairman Zheng Peng has paid a friendly visit to some European countries with a delegation of the Communist Party of China led by Luo Huining, secretary of the Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee, and attended the China Shanxi (Germany) Economic and Trade Talent Cooperation Symposium to inspect local enterprises and industrial and commercial institutions. we will promote fruitful results in economic, trade and intellectual cooperation between the two sides.

During the visit, Chairman Zheng Peng, former Czech Prime Minister Necas, and Shanxi Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chen Hecai and other political and business representatives of both sides attended the China (Czech) Investment Project Matchmaking Conference. Chinese representatives held further consultations with Czech dignitaries and responsible persons of relevant enterprises on trade, technology and cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Before the investment promotion meeting, Chen Hecai introduced Shanxi's urgent desire for transformation and development and investment promotion, and especially recommended Pengfei Group to actively participate in the promotion of China's "One Belt One Road" development strategy, and participate in the construction of "One Belt One Road" with cutting-edge products in the field of clean energy and coal coking. Provide environmentally friendly, high calorific value and cost-effective clean fuel for the Chinese manufacturing of heavy machinery such as high-speed rail. At the meeting, everyone exchanged and interacted, spoke enthusiastically and had a warm atmosphere. Participants spoke highly of Shanxi's sincerity in attracting investment and talents, and agreed that Shanxi's transformation and development provided opportunities and a stage for Czech enterprises. They expressed their desire to participate in Shanxi's economic transformation and social development, and expressed their desire to actively invest in Shanxi. Entrepreneurship to achieve common development.

At the meeting, Chairman Zheng Peng introduced Pengfei's urgent desire and determination to upgrade its sewage treatment capacity behind its current production capacity of 10 million tons of coke and 20 million tons of raw coal. He also said that Pengfei is willing to carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant experts and enterprises of the Czech side in this regard, jointly promote and improve the "zero emission" level of enterprises, realize the clear water and blue sky environment of enterprises, and jointly safeguard the global environmental protection convention.

The chairman's speech and proposals resonated strongly with the participants. The Czech representatives highly appreciated the sense of responsibility and mission of Chinese enterprises, and agreed with Pengfei's open and inclusive business philosophy and pragmatic corporate style. The Czech side is willing to share its experience and achievements in pollution control with Pengfei, as well as carry out deeper cooperation.