The Provincial Women's Working Committee supervises and inspects the work of the company's women's working committee.


On August 14, the cross supervision and inspection team of female workers of the provincial trade union led by Han Xiaoyan, Minister of the general women's work department of the province, came to supervise and inspect the work of the women's working committee of the trade union federation of the group company. Xiaoyi City People's Congress, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Federation of Trade Unions accompanied by Yan Xiangjue. Guo Shixin, deputy general manager and administrative director of the group company, and Ma Xiaolong, minister of human resources and vice chairman of the Federation of Trade unions, received and introduced the relevant situation.




In the past five years, under the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Women's Working Committee of our company has fully implemented the scientific development concept, centered on the center, highlighted characteristics, and carried out work creatively. New achievements have been made in carrying out the project of making contributions and improving the quality of female workers, strengthening the construction of female workers' organizations and improving the working mechanism of safeguarding the rights of female workers, and enhancing the attractiveness and cohesion of female workers' organizations. it has made positive contributions to building a harmonious enterprise and promoting the development of the company.




The supervision and inspection team first watched the "Pengfei Trade Union Promotional Film" in the multimedia exhibition hall, and had a preliminary understanding of the development process of the group company, the layout of the industrial chain and the work of the trade union. Then they visited the activity position of Pengfei Trade Union and had a comprehensive understanding of the trade union work such as the "five small" competition, Pengfei craftsman appraisal, legal knowledge competition and model selection. In the caring mommy cabin, the supervision and inspection team focused on the proportion of female employees, the protection of rights and interests, caring services, and the implementation of policies and regulations.




While affirming the work of the trade union and the women's working committee of the group company, the supervision and inspection team pointed out that the work of the trade union and the women's working committee of the group company is solid and rich in content. It can be seen that it is not a day's work, but the result of daily and monthly work and annual persistence. It is an excellent grass-roots trade union organization in implementing superior policies and regulations, protecting the rights and interests of female workers and caring service. At the same time, the supervision and inspection also pointed out the existing details, hoping that our company can further supplement and improve, strengthen communication and docking with municipal trade union organizations, participate in training in time and understand the latest policies and regulations, so as to create the best women's working committee organization.