Provincial Government Special Research Pengfei Industry Development


On April 26, a research team of 10 people led by Wen Fenglin, deputy inspector of the provincial government research office, visited Pengfei Group's methanol co-production LNG production base to investigate the development of modern new coal chemical industry. Zhang Yuquan, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of the government, and Ma Yong, Secretary General of the government, were accompanied. Wang Xiquan, general manager of methanol co-production LNG production base, and Zhang Aimin, deputy director of production, received them.

Wen Fenglin and his party visited the only methanol co-production LNG production base in the province, which was rated as a "green factory", and praised the clean and beautiful factory environment. In the centralized control center, Zhang Aimin explained in detail the 20 million tons of raw coal production capacity, 27 million tons of raw coal washing capacity, 10 million tons of coking capacity, 1 million tons of methanol and 0.4 billion cubic meters of LNG that Pengfei Group has formed, the 400000 tons of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax, the million-ton super suspension bed hydrogenation project, and the subsequent development of deep processing projects such as carbon materials and carbon microspheres, pengfei Group's closed cycle whole industry chain new coal chemical development model has been well received by the research group.

In the course of accompanying the investigation, Zhang Yuquan specifically mentioned that Pengfei Group actively responded to the government's call to solve the pressure of gas shortage in the province and ensure the livelihood needs of the province and its surrounding areas in the severe winter last year.

The research team highly affirmed Pengfei's efforts to build a clean energy supply system and a modern industrial system, develop a modern new coal chemical industry, and take a safe, green, intensive and efficient development path. It is worth learning and promoting. At the same time, it hopes that Pengfei will go faster and better in the development of new coal-based materials and new products such as carbon fiber, needle coke and carbon microspheres.