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Address: Xingyi Street, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province and the intersection of Zhonghe Road


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Coke plate Pengfei Group is one of the core business. In 2017, the actual coke production capacity of Pengfei Group will reach 4.8 million tons, which will soon become the leader of China's coking industry. At present, Pengfei Group owns Xiaoyi Pengfei Coking Co., Ltd., Xiaoyi Xinyu Coal Co., Ltd. Changzhi Changyuan Coking Co., Ltd. three coke production enterprises formed Luliang and Changzhi two coke production base, a total of 10 Block advanced modern coke oven and 3 sets of complementary product recovery device.
Pengfei always adheres to safe development, green development and low-carbon development. It vigorously carries out energy saving and emission reduction. It insists on science and technology research and development and innovation drive, develops circular economy, explores its unique model of Pengfei as it changes and upgrades.
After nearly 20 years of development, Pengfei Group has established and formed a global coke marketing network and built an internationalized development pattern, creating value for customers all over the world with excellent product quality. In China, the coke product marketing network radiates more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in North China, East China, Central China and Northeast China.
Pengfei Group has a strong logistics advantages, the two coke production base are built with Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Unicom dedicated railway line; two bases are near a number of highways and 108 National Road, convenient transportation; Group in Tianjin Port, Lianyungang , Jingtang Port, Huanghua Port, Rizhao Port has established a large warehousing logistics center, route Unicom worldwide.
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