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University entered our company!

University entered our company!

2017/12/26 09:37

Exam qualification, teaching technology, learning knowledge, peng fly worker university dream will be realized in three years. Maybe we will not think of, induction peng incredibly still can bring us knowledge and degree of ascension. But since yesterday, it has become a reality.

The reporter understands from the human resources department, peng fly group and shanxi coal vocational and technical college, (xiaoyi city office of admissions committee reached a cooperative teaching after full communication protocol. This is also a separate right of recruit students of shanxi coal occupational technical college in the province within the scope of cooperation with companies recruit students for the first time.



Every eagle fly group staff, registered permanent residence to xiaoyi cadastral (foreign workers to local admissions application) hold high school or technical secondary school diploma, can be in (xiaoyi city the admissions committee to attend the university entrance exam registration office, after qualification approved by the shanxi coal vocational and technical college admissions directly, and set up a school in my company, the use spare time to organize regular teaching, three years to pass the exam, the country admits the full-time college degree can be obtained.

, according to recruitment specialist 闫祖禄 after last night's announcement, there have been more than 20 employees to the admissions office to sign up today, as of today, at 11:00 am 11 people have successfully passed the qualification and registration.

It is reported that shanxi coal vocational and technical college is a science and engineering as the main body of full-time college level of higher vocational college, college, the predecessor was founded in 1952 in shanxi mining school, mining engineering, department of mechanical and electrical engineering, computer information system to measure engineering, coal gao, teaching department and finance department and so on six, graduates employment for many years in a more than 95%.

A batch of middle-level cadres such as group technology minister XiaoHaiSheng is graduated from the college. In college, pursue progress, lead, we, about it?


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