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Heart is the worker, actively carry out health knowledge lecture

Heart is the worker, actively carry out health knowledge lecture

2017/12/16 09:29

As the company engaged in accounting, writing, typing, offices and other staff increasing, long bow under the table prone to work with cervical spondylosis, December 15, 2017, Pengfei Federation of Trade Unions invited Chongwen community Chinese medicine practitioner Wang Shangzhi 2006 headquarters conference room Cervical disease prevention and health knowledge seminar training.



Lectures, the physician in plain language, the causes of cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis type, treatment of cervical spondylosis and other aspects made a detailed explanation, so that we understand how to prevent cervical spondylosis in everyday life and the need to pay attention to the matter. Physicians also teach on-site staff to ease the massage of cervical spondylosis. As the lecture easy to understand, and for the daily life of employees, by the company staff a warm welcome.



The training enables employees to establish the awareness of cervical health care, attention to cervical health, establish a scientific and healthy work concept, from the source of cervical spondylosis.

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