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Leading party members be "four speak four" and "four qualified" party members

Leading party members be "four speak four" and "four qualified" party members

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2018/01/04 16:27

To deepen the study of the spirit of the "Nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China", we will steadfastly promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two studies and one education" learning and education, lead the party members to become the "four qualified and four" party members, "November 4, 2017" Day at the headquarters 2006 training room organized the Communist Party of China Pengfei Group Party branch Democratic life.

The meeting was mainly content democratic life of each party members around the "one person doing one thing better doing fine" and "Pengfei craftsman" spirit of criticism and self-criticism, to share ideas and common progress, party building work with the company to achieve The organic combination of management.




Party members and comrades in light of their actual work and life, actively speak. Party members of FITO project department commented that the project department signed a contract with a US-based company through gasification project. The work involved more English materials and poor English skills. Encountering a lot of troubles in the project promotion, In such circumstances, he actively consult with other colleagues, access to Chinese-English dictionaries, slowly can understand the basic English material, but also a lot of their own gains. Comrade security team members talked about security work seems simple, in fact, not easy, such as "6S management", guard on duty, pound order and other work, before due to their own negligence, there have been several mistakes in the company except the old illness, In the activities of "one person does one thing, keep improving and doing fine work" and "Pengfei craftsman", he gradually realizes the existing problems, rectifies his mentality, conscientiously does every little thing and exerts himself as an exemplary member of the party in the team effect.

The democratic life meeting, some party members more or less inadequate preparation, speaking casually, kick the tires, the center of the problem is unknown, the request would enhance learning and actively to an outstanding member, "Pengfei craftsman" approach, gradually creating outstanding Party members "help band", all staff "than catch up" progress atmosphere.

To further enrich the Pengfei Group Party branch members and activists amateur life, increase their knowledge and enhance the quality of party members, Pengfei party branch research and decision, a unified procurement of a number of party construction books, the procurement of books including A total of more than seventy books, including the writings of leaders, works of Marxist theory and party work, historical works, writings of traditional Chinese culture, current affairs and international relations, are all on display at the 2008 Office Bookshelf in Headquarters for loan study by a large number of workers.

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