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Shanxi xiaoyi: 1 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas waste

Shanxi xiaoyi: 1 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas waste

Media Focus
2017/05/24 15:22


On May 22, 2017, CCTV13 news channel "news studio" "shanxi xiaoyi: 1 billion cubic meters of coke oven gas into", peng fly coking plant, deputy director Zhu Lihua CCTV reporter interview. Flying eagle group of 600000 tons of methanol co-production 400 million cubic LNG project, relying on the 5 million tons of coke production base in the process of coking surplus coke oven gas resources, after compression, purification, decarburization, 170 degrees below zero by cryogenic liquefied, isolated product LNG, residual carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and decarburization section in the compressed mixed in the methanol synthesis system to produce products of methanol, walked out of a new path in the development of coal tar enterprises transformation.


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