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Winter flame stability and gifts - peng fly gas it with love

Winter flame stability and gifts - peng fly gas it with love

2017/12/27 10:50

In this cold winter, with the implementation of the conversion from coal to gas, gas supply shortage of anomaly, it is understood that this year the national gas air gap more than 10 billion cubic meters. In this particular period, peng fly gas in order to protect the people's livelihood, maintaining stability for the principle, start the gas supply emergency plan, all staff working overtime, insist on stable natural gas production, high yield, go all out to provide gas for around 100 kilometers. In this cold season, just like a fire, in the cold winter comes the warm for you. Especially effective to solve the densely populated places such as schools, residential heating problem, lets the student have a warm and comfortable study environment, have a warm home.


Peng fly group attaches great importance to the livelihood of the people, in order to guarantee the livelihood of the people as the top priority, industrial gas supply high profits, will the civil gas supply priority area, wutong district north WuTong Village energy needed for heating is the eagle fly group provides, in peng fly group under the joint efforts of all staff, north WuTong Village villagers all achieve high quality heating, make the room more warm warm heart.

According to the China youth daily reported previously, some schools from 15 November to early December, there has been no heating. Some schools because the classroom is too cold, arrange students are outside in the sunshine in class, or with the students to the playground running heating, but has quite a few pupils frostbite. Now all realize heating.

Peng fly, methanol co-production LNG is peng group according to the "to do the best" of the world's position, in yong when energy industry revolutionary vanguard, be blue sky defender concept under the guidance, based on the innovation and development, focus on quality standards, the pursuit of excellence, strive to build safe, green, intensive and efficient clean energy supply base. The project thoroughly changed in the past, coke oven gas radiation ignition air pollution, waste of resources of history, has realized the low emissions, real implementation of the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, to fill the gaps in our province in central gas source.

Offered in severe cold under the spirit of love, one party is much more to provide a warm, peng air go to great lengths to ensure air, with the warmth of our hard work for one person. It was at this point, the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) and provides a strong motivation to peng fly, peng air Jordan will be in the social demand as own duty, by national demand as own duty, under the big love feelings of full power, guarantee the production and ensure stability.



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