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Municipal finance bureau peng fly research production and business operation situation

Municipal finance bureau peng fly research production and business operation situation

2017/12/21 10:38

To accurately grasp the present situation of tax sources and the change trend, and grasp the key enterprise production and operation situation, on December 20, (xiaoyi city finance bureau deputy director YanTingYong a line to my company to research on the production and operation situation. Production general manager guo on light, supply and marketing general manager li Yang, deputy director, finance hao reception.

(symposium scene)

Guo company size, capacity, output and light coming on new projects, new capacity in 2018 after the production operation situation has made the detailed introduction; Li Yang is 2016, and 2017 product price, sales area, environmental policy, upstream and downstream market influence aspects are introduced, and the 2018 sales market prospect are analyzed in anticipation; Hao on the company annual sales revenue, tax payment and other research group to understand the relevant information has made the detailed report.

Attending leaders (company introduction about it)

Research group, said peng fly group extension, closed circulation of the whole industry chain upstream and downstream industry intensive and efficient development mode, to adapt to the development and requirements of the new era, greatly enhance the ability to resist market risk, the risk of stock market, the market is not controllable factors can effectively cope with, will form in the future development of social benefit, economic benefit, the livelihood of the people benefit win-win situation.

(related to speak (xiaoyi city bureau deputy director YanTingYong)

Investigators said, to strengthen the consciousness of enterprises shall pay taxes according to law, arouse the enthusiasm for corporate entrepreneurship, optimize the environment of service enterprises, support enterprises bigger and stronger, the municipal party committee municipal government will be to recognition of "tax advanced enterprises", to strengthen tax in accordance with the enterprise's sense of honor and sense of responsibility, for the new development of the new age xiaoyi make new greater contributions.


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