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Create a new era, peng fly be blue sky defender

Create a new era, peng fly be blue sky defender

2017/10/19 10:31
OnOctober19,thegroupchairmanoftheboardofdirectorsofthecompanyZhengPengzaipengflycokingplantorganized"createanewera,pengflybeblueskydefender"asthethemeofenvironmentalprotectionprojectadvancewill. Group

On October 19, the group chairman of the board of directors of the company Zheng Pengzai peng fly coking plant organized "create a new era, peng fly be blue sky defender" as the theme of environmental protection project advance will.

Group company deputy general manager and production general manager guo on the light, project director, engineering materials, managing Liang Junwei, chief engineer and coking project director wang, production equipment, general zhi-liang li, planning and performance of supervision minister zhang cloud, their minister zhen-gang wang, factory department director, production system and the general project of 3 get together the environmental protection, head of the company to attend the meeting.

(" blue sky battle "theme will live)

During the meeting, the participants will GeChang existing environmental protection facilities operation and under construction in all kinds of problems existing in the environmental protection project made a detailed report.

Zheng Peng chairman pointed out that xi general secretary in the big put forward in the report "human damage to nature will eventually hurt mankind itself, this is the irresistible law". Must eat to the spirit of the new era, the future target clear understand, any question about the battle in the sky is not negotiable. Any project design to guarantee the accuracy of the original data of the real, to ensure the design basis is consistent with the actual effect, not because of design problem to a subsequent endless trouble. At the same time, the design, equipment and operation each link, anyone who is responsible for this problem.

(Zheng Peng chairman made important instructions)

Environmental protection engineering of the new yu coking plant, as the environmental protection to build benchmarking, as the window of nationwide, must with the first-class equipment standards to ensure compliance of various parameters. At the same time, environmental protection engineering must be in accordance with the design requirements into the pipe network of inverted realized time limit, can't wait again.

History there have been caused by the process are not familiar with, the equipment operation is not standard equipment functioning problem, we are going to lessons learned, must be in accordance with the procedures, operating standards will staff training in place, let employees familiar with the process, clear to ignore the dangers of safety training, safety risk, safety responsibility, change "do not, don't be too dry", in order to "work diligently, hard work" spirit, cultivate a batch of to take on responsibilities, able to bear, fear the occupation, the rules of the builders.

Zheng Peng chairman stressed that development will be in accordance with the standards of the new age, does not keep pace with The Times going backward. General labor office to domestic first-class, international leading standard design, engineering material system with first-class level and first-class quality shall be period, can't find any excuses and reasons. Responsible for the issues list completely solve one by one, to the operation of the plant, bold heavy standards, assessment, forming technology, facilities, equipment, supervision, evaluation of a complete system, keep up with the rhythm and pace of The Times, in the spirit of craftsman grinding work, create a new era for eagle fly, make blue sky guard, be blue sky defender.


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