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My group passed quality system audits

My group passed quality system audits

2017/09/11 10:20
On August 7, 8, 2017, fangyuan mark certification group co., LTD., shanxi delegate Li Jianya, YanBaoLiang, yong-wang zhang and other three teachers, according to GB/T 19001 / ISO 9001 standard for quality management system requirements for my second group, the company's quality management system of the supervision and repeat audit.
8 in the morning, fangyuan mark certification group co., LTD., shanxi team conducted a process-based leader Li Jianya presided over the last review meeting, group deputy general manager, supply and marketing company general manager li Yang and 6 internal auditors and the audit department director and related personnel to attend.

(quality management system audits the meeting)


Team conducted a process-based Li Jianya teacher team leader for the purpose of this review, the scope, standards and certificates in edition situation are introduced, that my company's quality management system operation process specifications, implementation in place, the standard is perfect, accord with the standard system. Auditors YanBaoLiang, technical experts yong-wang zhang teacher respectively to audit project is summarized, at the same time is big coal washery to cope with risk control report, unclear duty division and lack of human resources training process records and so on three generally do not conform to the requirements of the situation prompt improvement.


The teacher summarizes the results of audit for each group (experts)
Li Jianya teacher announced on behalf of the team conducted a process-based scene peng fly group outside through careful review. Also specially mentioned at the meeting, met the foreign guests to come to eagle fly in the process of audit group to visit learning, party construction thought flying eagle group as a private enterprise can effectively put the party construction and enterprise management integration, convert the political advantages of party organizations in order to fully the elaborating management advantage. Hope the company relevant personnel in the future work, strengthens to the new learning understanding of the quality management system certification rules, improve their quality consciousness and professional quality, the requirements of the certification system is into the production and operation management.


(Li Jianya teacher quality management work put forward valuable Suggestions for the future)
Finally, Li Jianya teachers involved in the company for the review process, contract, price confidentiality made a commitment and published the complaints.
Group deputy general manager, supply and marketing general manager li Yang made a gesture to speak at the meeting, the three expert teacher two days of hard work and want to thank you for the valuable Suggestions. Required each related department head for the supervision and audit as an opportunity to extrapolate, quality management work will be effectively integrated into the daily production and business operation management and consistently, constantly improve the management level, efforts to improve the efficiency of management, to ensure implementation of the company's quality policy and quality objectives, ensure company sustained, healthy and rapid economic development.


(group deputy general manager, supply and marketing general manager li Yang made a gesture to speak at the meeting)
Through certification, the company can improve the internal management level, fundamentally improve the quality of product and service quality, reduce and avoid the generation of nonconforming product; By strengthening the process of ascension and process control, to optimize process, control costs, reduce the consumption; Through full participation, to improve quality, specifications, implementation in place, the effect of the standard operation. All certified enterprises, marks the enterprise the management system has reached the international standard, equivalent to the international and domestic trade of "green passport", shows that the enterprise can continue to steadily provide customer expectations and satisfaction of qualified, can improve customer satisfaction, improve product awareness, make our products more competitive in the market.
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