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Waste heat power plant formal grid generation Chang Yuan coking co., LTD

Waste heat power plant formal grid generation Chang Yuan coking co., LTD

2017/09/11 10:17
On August 15, 2017, Chang Yuan coking co., LTD., waste heat power plant no. 1 1 * 12000 kw turbo-generator set, through the three days of static, dynamic debugging, to find out every problem, in the afternoon and one-time successfully connected to the grid.
During the period of construction, Dong Shumao Chang Yuan coking co., LTD., general manager, attaches great importance to, the thorough deployment, each related department, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the unit of a complete set of scheme, carry on the scientific rigorous, excelsior work spirit, went into operation for power plant have laid a solid foundation.

(listen to the sound of the graph is: steam turbine friction, site operation staff are "listening" turbine "voice")


(the graph is: operation staff are to steam turbine vibration checks, feel the pulse of the steam turbine vibration)


(the graph is: operator is for unit 1 grid operation)


Grid-connected power generation, boiler, steam turbine and generator of the parameter indexes showed normal, safe and stable operation of the system equipment. After know this good news, all the staff cheered, happiness, joy smile on her face, difficulties and hardships are also go behind, some even leaving the excited tears, really proved one word - "pay will have return.



The grid success marks the Chang Yuan coking co., LTD., since environmental improvement and production, production to begin to enter a virtuous cycle. This is the result of the group company leaders at all levels staff work together, also for Chang Yuan coking co., LTD to circular economy, energy conservation and economic development of a solid step, and become a new profit growth point, peng fly group to make new contributions to the development of whole industry chain, truly achieve peng fly day, a day in a year.
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