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Provincial party committee organization department leadership research peng fly group party construction

Provincial party committee organization department leadership research peng fly group party construction

2017/09/11 09:55

On August 23, provincial party committee organization department inspector of the rev a line to fly peng group research guides the work of party building. Luliang municipal committee, xiaoyi wen-ge ma, secretary of municipal party committee of xiaoyi accompanied by standing committee of the municipal party committee, the organization minister zhang jianguo research. Peng fly group chairman Zheng Peng reception.



Findings into a row first visited the eagle fly group multimedia exhibition hall, and watch the flying eagle group announcements of the party construction, and details about how peng fly group with 24 years from a small workshop to have assets, the development of more than 8000 employees in 30 billion, and in recent years, peng fly group party insists on "promoting the development to the party, to the party construction of development belt", the enterprise bigger and stronger to do fine features.

Line of deep peng fly then, research group of group of each party positions, detailed understanding of group co., LTD. The actual development and the integration of party construction of actual practice, advanced experience, a classic case, excellent works as well as the introduction of advanced talent.


A line (Zheng Peng chairman for research group company introduce talents)


Zheng Peng line are introduced in detail for the research group chairman peng fly group in recent years the introduction of advanced scientific and technological personnel, and their transformation for the enterprise development, science and technology innovation, technology research and so on outstanding contribution, and thanks to xiaoyi municipal party committee municipal government to the enterprise scientific and technological personnel recognition and financial rewards.

Luliang municipal committee, xiaoyi wen-ge ma findings into a line is introduced to the secretary of municipal party committee, municipal party committee municipal government to encourage companies to invest and ZhaoCaiYinZhi, merit enterprise investment environment, to fully arouse the enthusiasm of enterprise investment, and incentives play a talent advantage, promote the city's economic transformation spanning development, according to the relevant state policies, according to the development of (xiaoyi city, make special contributions to the city's economic construction service of talents, the government commendation and reward for all.



Leadership, party construction, talent work (research group of speech)

Research group on hearing report pointed out that the solid (xiaoyi city construction, peng fly group as non-public demonstration pilot project of the party construction has a bright spot, characteristic, innovation, to the province as example, worth learning. Also points out that talent is the productive forces, is the future of enterprise development, be sure to keep talents, with good talent, training and retaining talents, build a batch of is closely related to the future development of practical talents, science and technology innovation talents, the subsequent development of talent and technology barrier for the enterprise.



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