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Coal futures price analysis Coal supply and demand will maintain a weak balance

Coal futures price analysis Coal supply and demand will maintain a weak balance

2017/08/30 18:12

In order to ensure the continuous and stable supply of raw materials, Pengfei Group and Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, a large coal mines to establish a binding alliance with the province's five coal mines to form an interactive relationship between the price of the procurement. Become Shougang, Ansteel, Hebei Iron and Steel, Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel, Changzhi Steel and other large state-owned reliable supplier. Coking coal and the Group established a strategic cooperation agreement, adequate supply of raw coal. Pengfei Hong Kong companies are more based in Hong Kong, take a global look at the assembly of international business, and Shanxi Coke Group, Tianjin export base cooperation, the products are exported to Japan, India and other countries.

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