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Build a corporate culture cast a hundred years Pengfei

Build a corporate culture cast a hundred years Pengfei

2017/08/30 16:11
In all the people doing the "Chinese dream" of the new era, as the leader in the coking industry Pengfei Group, also has its own dream, that is, chairman of Zheng proposed "hundred years Pengfei" drea
In all the people doing the "Chinese dream" of the new era, as the leader in the coking industry Pengfei Group, also has its own dream, that is, chairman of Zheng proposed "hundred years Pengfei" dream.
Hundred years of enterprises that enterprises set up a long time, heritage of corporate culture, integrity management, product and service unique features, although experienced a century of vicissitudes, but the name of the enterprise and the products or services are still subject to the people or customers trust and welcome. Old saying that the rich but three generations. A business in order to complete the dream of a hundred years, relying on the efforts of a couple of generations, nor is one or two models of the enterprise system can support it, it takes generations to complete, but also need a unique corporate culture support.
For the construction of enterprises, to achieve "a hundred years Pengfei" dream. The company launched the "Pengfei thought" as the core culture, "today glory to see Pengfei, tomorrow Pengfei more brilliant" as a lofty core concept, to create business "new fashion, new spirit, new look" to "noble, Inclusive, knowledge, efficient "as the main theme of the company management.
To create a century enterprise, only through the long-term accumulation of corporate culture to maximize the mobilization of all positive factors in order to enable enterprises to survive in the predicament, in the survival of the continuous development, a strong impetus to the enterprise over a road, go toward success. An enterprise with excellent corporate culture, can all aspects of the various levels of people are united in the development of the enterprise on the navigation mark, the enterprise has a cohesion and centripetal force, so that the personal thinking and fate of employees and business safety closely Up, the business as their most sacred, the most closely related "partners."
Corporate culture for those who are not conducive to the development of enterprise behavior, often play a "soft constraint" role for enterprises to provide "immune" function, can improve the staff's consciousness, enthusiasm, initiative and self-restraint, improve all members of the enterprise Sense of responsibility and mission. And then realize the trend of enterprise management team. Enterprises to achieve first-class management, in addition to cadre management, rules and regulations management, but also need to support the management of corporate culture, so that everyone worry about the business, everyone is managers. Enterprises have the honor, profit improved, we all benefit; enterprise accidents, product quality can not be guaranteed, everyone's interests will be damaged.
Enterprises to achieve a certain degree of height, but also for the second venture. Pengfei Group in the development of two decades later, carried out a major strategic transformation, shut down Poly, Chen Ming, to build 500 million tons of new coking projects, to build 600,000 tons of methanol project. In this transition across the critical period, but also need the majority of staff closely around the chairman of Zheng, respect Peng Peng corporate culture, the individual goals will be transferred to the enterprise to determine the target up for the common goal of the enterprise efforts to achieve business goals Make personal sacrifice, to create a unified, harmonious and understanding of the scene.
Ten years by the management of enterprises, a hundred years of business by culture. All Pengfei people are step by step, with sweat and hard work, with hard work and wisdom, relying on constantly carry forward the Pengfei enterprise spirit, corporate culture to gradually achieve a hundred years Pengfei, cast a hundred years Pengfei!
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