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Women's Federation


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Women's Federation

October 26, Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. Women's Federation was formally established and the company headquarters held a grand Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. the first women's congress. In the conference, the chairman and vice-chairmen of the first women's federation were elected, and the executive committee and the standing committee were elected.

Hou Yanhong, Chairman of the Municipal Women's Federation, Guo Shixin, deputy secretary of Pengfei Group, and women representatives from various factories of Pengfei Group attended the conference.



Live - 10:00 am, the General Assembly in the majestic national anthem kicked off.

The meeting listened to and considered and adopted the report of the preparatory work for the women's congress made by Xue Yucui, vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd., and Guo Shixin, the deputy party chief of Pengfei Industry Co., Ltd., Xiaoyi City, Women's Federation, "Consent to the Founding of the Women's Federation of Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. in Xiaoyi City", marking the formal establishment of the Women's Federation of Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd.


The assembly elected Lv Xiaofang as the chairman of the first Women's Federation of Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd., elected Qiao Xiaoqin, Zhang Geiyun and Xue Yucui as the first vice-chairpersons of the Women's Federation. Elected by the delegation were Kong Aihua, Lv Xiaofang, Qiao Xiaoqin, Liu Junping, Zhang Geiyun, Zhang Jinxiang, Wu Aiying, Xiuping, Ge Chuntao and Xue Yucui First Comrades Comrade Xiaoyi City Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. The first executive member of the Women's Federation, composed of seven comrades including Lv Xiaofang, Qiao Xiaoqin, Liu Junping, Zhang Geiyun, Wen Xiuping, Ge Chuntao and Xue Yucui Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. Women's Federation Standing Committee, the newly elected women's Federation Chairman Lv Xiaofang Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. on behalf of the first women's union speech.


Lv Xiaofang thanked the group companies and all the women delegates for their trust and expressed full confidence in the work of the Women's Federation in the future and hoped that the women workers of the Pengfei Group should have firm convictions and said that they would lead the Pengfei Women's Federation to set off sail from a new starting point, Demonstration, innovation and enhance Pengfei service level, advancing with the times. The company is located in:

Hou Yanhong, Chairman of Xiaoyi Women's Federation, expressed his warm congratulation on the founding of Women's Federation of Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. in Xiaoyi City and gave great expectations to Lv Xiaofang, chairman of the new Women's Federation. She advocated that the Women's Federation be a mass organization of women of all nationalities and ethnic groups in China who are united for the liberation of women. The establishment of a women's federation in Pengfei Group is a bridge and link between the development of enterprises and women workers. In the future work, the Women's Federation should uphold the spirit of safeguarding the rights and interests of women and serving the women workers heart and soul and lead the women workers at Pengfei to add a touch of elegance to the future development of the Pengfei Group.