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Address: Xingyi Street, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province and the intersection of Zhonghe Road

Trade union profile


Dreams motivate struggle Nothing great was ever work achievement

Trade union profile

Trade union general election

As of July 2017, Pengfei Federation of Trade Unions (Xiaoyi region) already has 2,800 members, including 19 committees including Xiaoyi Shantou Coal Co., Ltd. Trade Union Committee, Xiaoyi Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Trade Union Committee, Trade union organizations, to achieve the Pengfei Group subsidiary employees 100% membership.

To give full play to the functions of trade unions, Pengfei Industrial Group Federation of Trade Unions set up a female staff committee, labor dispute mediation committee and other agencies. Under the leadership of Pengfei Party chiefs, employee training rooms, rights protection service rooms and other basic function rooms are readily available, and at the same time establish and improve a comprehensive and scientific management system that includes representation and supervision systems to ensure the sunshine of trade union work , Standardized and democratized, guaranteed the core rights and interests of all the workers and the masses and achieved remarkable achievements in petitioning for 24 years.

Three bright three to five one "eight most" selection and development

In recent years, with the leadership and help of the Federation of Trade Unions in Xiaoyi, the trade union leaders headed by Lv Xiaofang, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, have actively explored new patterns of development and worked hard to create a new pattern of service. During the course of their work, "Five one" mode of operation.

"Three bright" is bright identity, bright duty, bright promise, so that trade unions truly become good things for the workers and service organizations do practical things. "Three" is more than skills, style, performance than. Through the labor competition and the "five small" activities, the trade unions organized competitions in the skills and job training competitions, which not only enhanced various work targets of the Company but also cultivated a contingent of highly qualified and highly skilled staff members. During the tackling of relevant scientific and technological projects Direct economic benefits of more than 1,000 yuan, save costs more than 8,000 million. "One for five" is one person one day a workout, one person a week of innovation, one person a feedback on January 1, one person a year physical examination, one person a card security, so that employees enjoy the company's most intimate benefits.


Union election

Through "three bright three to five one" activities, the company selected "the best party members", "the best employees", "the best young people", "the best talents" and "the most wonderful activities" at the headquarters and the factories. "The best work", "the most reasonable proposal", "the most prominent team", fully mobilized the enthusiasm of staff and enhance team cohesion and collaboration.

"Spring, summer, autumn and winter" activities Everlasting love of four seasons

Pengfei Group Federation of Trade Unions has always insisted on carrying out "spring to send jobs, send cool in summer, autumn to send students to learn, send warmth in winter," the staff warmhearted activities, so that staff always feel the love around.

Spring: Into the towns and villages, into the countryside, into the community, into the school, to ease the employment conflicts at home to meet the majority of migrant workers, urban unemployed people, college graduates job-seeking needs and employment needs of enterprises.

Summer: In order to improve the production and living environment of frontline workers at high temperatures, effectively safeguard the health of workers and staff, help them to maintain their safety in the summer and cool in the summer, they also conduct summer solstice for mung bean soup and other summer activities.

Autumn: Every year, children of needy workers and poor students in schools are subsidized and outstanding teachers of the school are rewarded. They have won many honors such as "donating funds to help teach and educate people and raising education and educating people", and have won the praise of the masses of workers and the general public.

Winter: During New Year's Day, Spring Festival and major holidays each year, trade union organizations at all levels go deep into the countryside to visit and help laid-off workers or low-income groups and families of employees in need. They warm the care of the company to the needy and workers in a timely manner.

In 2017, with the active participation of trade union leaders, Pengfei reached a consensus with Xiaoyi People's Hospital and signed a cooperation agreement. Pengfei Group for the company employees and their families to apply for Xiaoyi City People's Hospital VIP medical card, cardholder or family members can enjoy free registration fee, free medical fee, free ambulance fee, medical fee relief and other preferential policies This is the first time in the history of Xiaoyi People's Hospital, which is one of the measures taken by the trade unions to seek benefits and do practical work for their staff and workers.

In addition, many canteens of Pengfei Group's enterprises provide meals to hundreds of people every day, and they also have the common problems of poor quality, bad taste and unreasonable prices. In order to completely improve the catering level and the catering environment for staff and workers, with the active promotion of the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions, Pengfei Group Federation of Trade Unions established Pengfei Catering Management Committee, established and perfected the relevant rules and regulations and formulated a detailed standards process of canteen cooking operations , And strive to create "five-star" restaurant service standards.

The establishment of vegetable basket management exchange group, always concerned about the food situation of each canteen, by the grass-roots trade unions logisticians to report the three meals at each canteen and restaurant health, food quality, and set the relevant reporting incentives, found problems timely rectification implementation, so that all staff to eat On the health, rest assured, delicious meals, warm stomach at the same time more warm heart.

Pengfei Federation of Trade Unions also established an independent legal counseling room, which invites lawyers to popularize legal knowledge every month for staff and provide free consultation to employees who need legal aid.

In order to facilitate pregnancy, lactating women workers, set up a special love Mummy hut, regularly invited Xiaoyi City counselors come in preparation for pregnancy, lactating women workers and prospective father to do psychological counseling on how to resolve the special period Psychological pressure and how to solve the special period of life and work arrangements to give professional answers.

Over the years, we have the power of polymerization, solidarity, and always with love, sincerity, carefulness and patience to serve the staff and workers, motivated employees enthusiasm for work enthusiasm, innovation and development passion, and promote the Pengfei Group continued to write one after another Legend, writing one after another brilliant, leading us toward "a flourishing day, year-old" a hundred years Pengfei dream forward!