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Dreams motivate struggle Nothing great was ever work achievement


Talent is the first resource, the first productive force. Peng fly group attaches great importance to the important role in the future development of science and technology, talent, and Beijing 3 get together the environmental joint, the introduction of patents and domestic first-class scientific research team.

Peng fly group and taiyuan university of technology institute of coal chemical industry cooperation sharing platform, set up scientific research for more than 60 Dr In such aspects as new type coal catalytic material patent sharing, and used by my company free of charge. With zhejiang university in 4.0 at the beginning of the industrial, through cooperation, create first-class intelligent plant in the world.

In July 2015 listed xiaoyi coal chemical window service platform, equipped with the most advanced testing equipment, lithofacies analyzer, coke reactivity test furnace, automatic sulfur infrared measuring instrument, GeJin 9 devices such as carbonization, coal activity tester to use in the province first, greatly improve the extremely difficult to control in the coking process of coke reactivity, especially lithofacies analyzer, with German Zeiss microscope and 3 in the United States - Y photometer, implements the analysis of coal from macro to micro.

On July 18, 2017, taiyuan university of technology as a supporting institution, the joint peng fly group, Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd coking plant to build the "coal coking process optimization and the pollutant of Shanxi province engineering technology research center" in eagle fly, become the luliang city first, and related projects only provincial engineering technology research center, peng fly group, clean and efficient coal coking process optimization with high added value, and depth of the pollutants of governance, high carbon resources recycling low carbon development provides a more powerful technical support.

On October 13, 2017, peng accredited member of Chinese academy of engineering Yang Qiye fly group for peng group of consultants, for peng flies off power. Peng fly group chairman Zheng Peng for Yang Qiye academician issue letter of appointment, and thus peng fly in technology member of national guidance and pulse.