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Talent Concept


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Talent Concept

First, the concept of talent: everyone is a talent, everyone can become talent.

The company's development is inseparable from the talent. To a certain extent, talent affects the long-term development of the enterprise, and the behavior of the qualified personnel determines the development direction, development pattern and development goal of the enterprise. "Everyone is a talented person," employees work for the enterprise, to believe that their ability to work, I believe that they are talented people; "everyone can be talented", the company not only provides employees with work opportunities, but also provides a platform for employees to develop, as long as employees Individual efforts, will be able to create enterprises. The company attaches importance to personnel, reuse of personnel.

Second, human resources culture: talent echelon construction

In order to fully demonstrate the Pengfei Group is the only example of the famous enterprises, to ensure that a hundred years Pengfei a better long-cherished wish to promote a solid and steady, to meet the flat management model, to increase the department's demand for the best talent in order to smooth the talent promotion channel to attract domestic industries Elite work direction, timely break the routine employment mechanism, boldly divergent volunteered, exceptionally promoted Pengfei talent strategic thinking, quickly set off, and comprehensively promote the construction of talent echelon.

Talent echelon is in the existing talent is playing a role in talent reserves at the same time, when the existing personnel changes, the timely replacement of reserve personnel up to ensure the continuity of human resources business. Establish a talent echelon management mechanism and improve the enthusiasm of all kinds of personnel. On the basis of retaining qualified personnel, we should speed up reserve talents in a planned and systematic manner, strengthen training so as to ensure the continuous supply of various kinds of talents so as to continuously improve the core of the Pengfei Group Competitiveness and sustainability.

● In the construction of talent echelon, Pengfei Group closely linked internal training with enterprise culture construction, staff career planning, employee assessment and incentive policies, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the general staff to continuously For all positions to train personnel, transportation personnel, for the factory to create the greatest training benefits, so that enterprises and staff to common development, the real Pengfei Group into an excellent learning and innovative organizations.

● Through the implementation of the talent echelon construction work, the development of an enterprise can be closely integrated with the career of employees, providing vast space for growth for excellent employees and paving the way for long-term promotion and attracting talented people inside to enter Peng. Fly the management team at all levels of the group to enhance the loyalty and cohesion of the majority of employees to the Pengfei Group.

● The implementation of the "strict and strict" policy in the construction of talent echelon of Pengfei Group is conducive to the establishment of talents competition mechanism of scouring, despising and mercenary within the Group and ensuring the high quality and stability of the output talents.

● The implementation of talent echelon construction will help to establish Pengfei Group's leading position in the personnel management mechanism of China's coal chemical industry, further enhance Pengfei's popularity both inside and outside the industry, and attract great talents both inside and outside the industry , In order to completely realize Pengfei Group everyone is a talented person, talent talented person can lay the foundation.