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Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Group total assets of 30 billion yuan, 8,000 employees, 7 coal mines, production capacity of 7 million tons; coal washing plant 6, 15 million tons of raw coal washing capacity; coking plant 3, the production capacity of 7.3 million tons; Methanol co-production LNG production base 1, a 300,000 tons of methanol, 200 million cubic LNG project put into operation on July 14 last year; a railway station, the total shipping capacity of 5 million tons. Pengfei Group Party Branch was established in 2005, upgraded to the party branch in 2017, under the 10 party branches, the existing 85 members. In recent years, the general branch of the CYL Group has focused on the goal of giving play to the political core role and leading role of the non-governmental SOEs, optimizing organizational arrangements, strengthening the management of party members, integrating Party building work with corporate culture and enterprise management, and establishing and implementing The "2442 practice system" of party building has continuously transformed the party's ideological advantages, political advantages and organizational advantages into advantages of corporate governance, modern management and market competitiveness, and realized the party building promotion and enterprise development, the contingent forging and enterprises Cultural "win-win"; out of a "focus on the development of party building, do a good job to promote the development of the party building," Pengfei Road.

First, the organization set up in the front line, consolidating the basis for fighting fort

In order to meet the needs of the industrialization and large-scale development of the Group, the Party Branch of Pengfei Group has optimized the organizational setup, built the party organizations on the front line of production, established the 10 subsidiaries including Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Century Trade Co., Ltd. Branch, to achieve full coverage of the party's organization. Party members and members of the leading group members to implement the "two-way entry" by the chairman and general manager of the group served as secretary of the party branch, group vice president, Minister of Human Resources, Minister of Foreign Affairs and other five members served as party chief Deputy secretary, general branch members. Play a leading role in the party organizations, divided into categories in the headquarters of organs by department, production front line according to the workshop, the frontiers of technological innovation set by the task of assault pioneer, accounting vanguard, electrical instrument assault, loving service 10 party groups formed a horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end The organizational structure. In order to strengthen the education and management of the peasant Party members employed by enterprises and to solve the practical problem of "two ends and two loose ends," according to the requirements of the "Notice on the Activities of Pioneering the Peasant Party Members as the Pioneers of the Peasant Party Members" Subordinate, dual management "model, 49 peasant party members unified into the branch, unified learning and education, unified management assessment, unified communication feedback" four unified "management approach, every quarter to carry out a" ten star " In a month, we will give feedback to the village party organizations where the peasant party organizations and organizations are affiliated and effectively give play to the party members' role of educating and managing party members.

Second, the activities carried out in the forefront, to create a "double-strong six-one harmonious" party organization

Since the "Two Studies and One Do" study and education, the Party Branch once every quarter to carry out a party members, party branch secretary to promote "two learning" and the party group "to learn to do" appraisal, appraisal results directly linked to bonuses. Group owned newspaper "Pengfei today," Pengfei television set up a party building columns, a total coverage of "two studies" news 21 times. Pengfei Broadcasting Station broadcast the latest developments of party building three times a day. We have successively organized a series of activities such as "learning from the spirit of Pengfei University," "lecturing Pengfei in spirits," "leading party members in the past, setting an example for all things," "skill competitions," and guiding party members and students in doing a good job of combining and learning. In the activity of "Three Brightnesses and Three Creation Pioneers," 85 Party members made a total of 273 promises and 116 unrealistic and practical undertakings, directly transforming the economic benefits of more than 10 million yuan. There have been surging members of the Party, including Xue Yucui, selfless dedication members, and Guo Jingwen A number of advanced people. In combination with the large number of workers and workers in the field, farmer workers and more "three mores" of young workers, the Party branch actively carries out the activities of building the party building belt, and organizes sorority meetings and sympathy caring activities every year on March 15 and May 1; Donations, enterprises funded the establishment of "Employee Poverty Alleviation Fund", on a monthly basis for the families of families of workers living allowance; each admitted to the university workers and children 500-3000 yuan grants. In recent years, the party organizations actively involved in public welfare undertakings, donated a total of 45 million yuan of donations, has won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce "contract and trustworthy" enterprises, top 100 enterprises in Shanxi Province, Xiaoyi City, advanced grass-roots party organizations such as the honorary title. After Xi Jinping inspected Shanxi, the general party branch responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee and invested 12 million yuan for the two villages in the Qingtang Village and Jujube Village in Linxian, Fish ponds, greenhouses and other infrastructure.

Third, play a role in the front line, to promote the rapid development of enterprises

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that non-public enterprise party organizations should play a political and central role in the workforce and play a leading role in the development of enterprises. Focusing on the "two roles", the "2442 Practical System" of party building has been built. In terms of talent team building, guided by the concept of "everyone is a talent and everyone can be a talent," we have organized middle-level cadres on several occasions to go to Tsinghua University and other famous universities for training. They went to Fujing, Japan, and Linyi Iron and Steel Company in Shandong for inspection. , Wang Xiquan, Zhang Aimin and other 26 highly skilled technicians in China, of which 4 outstanding talents were praised by the municipal government. Through "I offer a policy for the development of Pengfei" and other activities, party members in promoting the development of enterprises than the contribution than, as a comprehensive promotion of technological innovation, industrial restructuring, accumulated through energy saving, optimization and management, cost savings of more than 8,000 yuan. In terms of perfecting the management mechanism, the Company has established a meticulous management committee and an executive force supervision committee to establish a 5E standardized management system and a 6S management system to promote the healthy development of enterprises. Party building at the helm, Pengfei voyage. Pengfei Group under the strong leadership of the party branch, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to coking industry-led and accelerate the construction of a diversified industrial system, by accelerating the merger and reorganization of the upstream and downstream industries and chain extension and improve the whole industrial chain. 600,000 tons of methanol co-production 400 million LNG project, 400,000 tons of Fischer-Tropsch wax project, using world-class technology and equipment. One million tons of super-suspended bed hydrogenation project, the coke production process of waste oil, residue, tar, crude benzene and agricultural waste straw, converted to chemical products, conversion rate of 99.7%, the project has a number of autonomous Intellectual property is the most advanced international and domestic production technology and has achieved closed loop, efficient use and green production.