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Address: Xingyi Street, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province and the intersection of Zhonghe Road

Environmental concept


Dreams motivate struggle Nothing great was ever work achievement

Environmental concept

Pengfei Group to green development as the core, a high starting point, planning high standards, all-round construction of safe, green, intensive and efficient clean energy supply system and modern industrial system. Firmly establish the concept of "adhering to green development and creating green wealth", accelerate the exploration of a "pay attention to saving energy and reducing consumption, develop a recycling economy" mode, and strive to achieve a "win-win" of energy conservation and efficiency reduction.

The "blue sky defending war" by General Secretary Xi is the strategy of protecting life and the beginning of the war. Pengfei Group adheres to the orientation of changing coal-based diversified development into a clean energy production base and firmly establishes the awareness of "defending the blue sky." , Regard "the defense of the blue sky" as the core and bottom line of all work, win this war without smoke and win new opportunities for development.

Only in the new era and new standards can we talk about development. Only by guaranteeing "green mountains and rivers" can we become enterprises that adapt to the new era and only by taking the lead in the "Blue Sky War of War" can we usher in new opportunities for development. Create a new era of beautiful Pengfei.