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Address: Xingyi Street, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province and the intersection of Zhonghe Road



Dreams motivate struggle Nothing great was ever work achievement


Luliangshan, the Fen River coast, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people. Xiaoyi City Pengfei Group to stand in this hero on top of the hot land. Group is headquartered in Xiaoyi City Zhenxing Street. Geographical location, convenient transportation conditions, the strength of technology, cultural accumulation of deep.
Pengfei Group was founded in 1993, Pengfei Group coking production base is located in Xiaoyi City Indus million tons of coal chemical recycling economy park, the total area of ​​3,000 mu, the total assets of 16 billion, more than 2,500 employees, covering coal, Coke, chemical, international trade, logistics and five-star hotel and other areas of integrated recycling economy enterprises. In 2013 by the provincial government named Pengfei modern coal chemical recycling economy demonstration park, 2013 was identified as the main business of coking.
Clean coal is an important industry of Pengfei Group. Shanda Coal, Peng Chang Coal, Jiayu Coal and other coal production company composed of Pengfei Group 15 million tons of coal washing base, Shanxi Province is the largest and most advanced equipment, the most complete configuration of the clean coal production base.
In order to achieve the transformation and development, the introduction of the world's most advanced coking process, is the first three sections of the heating 6.25 meters coke oven, using the most advanced coking equipment in Germany SCP vehicles and the United States the most advanced thermal cycle coking technology for more scientific Comprehensive utilization of resources, to achieve a large cycle of economic and industrial chain, coke oven gas and methanol to achieve a real change in the coke. May 2011, Pengfei 5 million tons of coking project started foundation, in October 2012 ignition oven, January 13, 2013 officially put into use. To fully promote the whole process of cleaner production, Pengfei Group 5 million tons of coking production base has achieved no one, no car, no matter, clean, four non-management of advanced management mode.
Chemical production is the future direction of Pengfei Group. At present, the construction of 600,000 tons of methanol co-generation 400 million side LNG project, the project makes full use of coke oven gas methane (CH4) and high hydrogen content advantages, make full use of combustible gas is called the best gas source - - coke oven gas, the comprehensive utilization of Pengfei Group 5 million tons coking production base in the coke produced during the coke oven gas, becoming the province's first, the country's largest in the same technology line production of methanol combined LNG project. Changed the history of the process - methanol synthetic ammonia, to achieve the high-end products, product benefits to maximize the investment in the case of the same, through the scientific process replacement and minus 170 degrees deep cold liquefaction, profits up to history More than twice the process, called "the world's leading, the national first-class". At present, a 300,000 tons of methanol, 200 million LNG project is basically completed, is the implementation of the joint test, is expected to put into operation by the end of July 2016.
Invested 780 million tons of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax project and 480 million annual output of 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 300,000 tons of urea project (2 × 18 • 30), started on April 14, 2016, is expected at the end of 2017 Put into production. Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Wax project uses world-class technology and first-class equipment, make full use of coke powder, coke as a fuel, make full use of coke waste, put him into the top pharmaceutical grade products, the 1.5 million tons of coke, coke Grain into 400,000 tons of wax, the 370 million yuan into 4.8 billion yuan, put into operation after the profits and taxes 3.8 billion, will become the world's leading technology revolution in the most thorough coking project.
Pengfei Group fully aware of the important role of technology in the future development, combined with the three environmental protection, the introduction of a number of environmental protection and a number of domestic environmental research team. And Taiyuan University of Science and Technology Institute of Coal Chemical Industry to establish a scientific research sharing platform for more than 60 doctors in the new coal conversion catalytic materials and other aspects of patent sharing, and free use by my company. And Zhejiang University at the beginning of the industry 4.0, through the cooperation between the two sides, to create a world-class intelligent factory. July 2015 listed Xiaoyi coal chemical window service platform, equipped with the most advanced testing equipment - rock phase analyzer, coke reactive test furnace, automatic infrared sulfur analyzer, Ge Jin dry distillation and other nine equipment. Special rock phase analyzer, using the German Zeiss microscope and the United States 3-Y photometer, the understanding of the coal from the macro to micro; coal activity tester used in the province is the first case, mainly for the coke process is extremely difficult Master the prediction of coke reactivity. Excellent professional team, advanced testing equipment, standardized operating procedures for coal analysis, cost accounting, coal for coal to provide accurate data.
Pengfei Group to implement the "legislation standards, strict requirements, regular rectification, regular, often learning, often innovation" 18 word management approach, the implementation of all innovation, full efficiency, the implementation of fine management, deepening 6S management, 5E standard. The implementation of a network of 24 hours of real-time control of the whole group network, meetings, vehicles, personnel and other information on the operation of a variety of information. The implementation of the Internet +, start WeChat platform, through the WeChat to implement mobile management, work reports, the "toys" into "tools." 2016 years to ask for truth, immersion work requirements, as Pengfei people immediately action, do a solid job of the key, in-depth study depth, focus, insist, innovation character "craftsmen spirit", often learn new, do every day progress, Day has improved.
The general trend, seek long-term. In order to ensure the steady supply of raw materials supply chain, and Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, the establishment of large coal mines tied alliance, and the province of five coal mines to form an interactive price procurement relationship. Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel, Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel, Changzhi Iron and Steel and other large state-owned enterprises and reliable suppliers. Pengfei Hong Kong company is based in Hong Kong, the global international business of the assembly, and Shanxi Coke Group, Tianjin export base, the products are exported to Japan, India and other countries.
In order to ensure a seamless docking with high-end customers, Pengfei Group invested 150 million yuan to set up Xiaoyi City Pengfei Transportation Co., Ltd., to achieve the daily transport capacity of 50,000 tons; investment 500 million yuan to build the railway line, Shipping capacity of 5 million tons, the province's only container coke station and five shipping terminals, a strong development of the company's link.
Rising day, year one year, Pengfei Group in the development and growth of the process at all levels of leadership and the community's attention and praise. Shanxi Province, Luliang City, Xiaoyi City, the main leaders have come to Pengfei Group to conduct research, guidance, for the Pengfei create the environment, the solution bottleneck, refers to the direction.
Honor and recognition of brilliant, Pengfei Group actively reward the community for the benefit of Sangzi, get a high degree of peer and social recognition. Chairman Zheng Peng led Pengfei Group in the rapid development of the same time, has always been actively involved in social welfare undertakings, with the truth return to the community, year after year for the community quietly dedication, over the years donations, tree planting, urban greening, highway construction Wait. For two consecutive years won the top 100 enterprises in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, the top 100 manufacturing enterprises honorary title. 2015 by the Indus, under the town of a town, "Kun Peng assistant, Tengfei Indus" honor.
Thick plant Pengfei culture, build a hundred years dream. Culture is the soul of the enterprise. Pengfei people to temper the "brilliant today to see Pengfei" Pengfei thinking and "loyalty, noble, cohesion, and enterprising" ideological essence, "change thinking, advancing with the times, difficulties, the pursuit of perfection" guidelines, Rising day, year one year, "the standard is the founder of Pengfei Group, Mr. Zheng Peng's character and entrepreneurial style of art condensate, is all the Pengfei people's core values.
In the new normal, new order, the new economy, the wisdom Pengfei people continue to adhering to the "brilliant today to see Pengfei," the ambition, from victory to victory, from glory to greater glory!
Today, brilliant Peng Peng Peng Peng fly more brilliant