Luliangshan, the Fen River coast, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people. Pengfei Group to stand in this piece of hero above the hot land. Group was founded in 1993,

Dream of inspiring struggle

5 million tons of coke production base

Pengfei Group 5 million tons of coking project completed and put into operation, marking the Xiaoyi City, 10 million tons of coal chemical industry base construction has...

600,000 tons of methanol production base

Pengfei Group 600,000 tons of methanol production projects more scientific use of coke oven gas, to further improve the comprehensive utilization of resources...


Group industry covers coal, coke, chemical, agricultural, agricultural development, international trade, logistics and transportation, hotels and many other industries

[looking for Xiaoyi craftsman] Liu Xiangqing: do not forget to create a boutique workshop in the first heart
Qinghai: Wuhan for Xiaoyi craftsmen from halfway to the desulfurization expert
Zheng Peng, chairman of the New Year message


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